Culture and Historical background is included as part of all services provided by the Performing Ensemble.

    • Performances

      • Presentation
      • All music, dance and songs are performed in costume with full focus on artistic production.
      • Bomba
      • Music, song and dance of Puerto Rico that reflects the African influence in the island. The presentation will focus on the various traditions of Bomba through out the island.
      • Campo
      • Dances of Puerto Rico that reflects the Jibaro (Puerto Rican peasant) folklore in the culture of the island.
      • El Caribe
      • Music, dance and songs that reflects the African influence in the Caribbean islands.
      • Lecture/Demonstration
      • Presentation of music, dance and songs in costume. Partial Performing Ensemble focus on the Historical background.
    • Hands On Classes

      • Workshops
      • Hands on experience on a specific dance, song, rhythm or theme.
      • Residency
      • A series of workshops in a specific location and the same group of participants.
      • Seminar/Lectures
      • Our Cultural Educators are available to lecture, participate in panels of discussion on various topics pertaining to African Diaspora in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America.
      • Staff Development
      • For teachers, administrators and other professionals that deals with culture and race diversity issues.
      • Curriculum Design
      • Design and development of curriculum for the classroom.
      • Special Programs
      • Tell us your needs and we will design a program for you. Customize programs for other dance groups and/or music ensemble.